The Kappa Wavebionix® virus protection filter

In times of Covid-19
this is more important than ever!

  • Wavebionix® is the first ventilation filter in the world to be tested with active viruses.
  • It can be easily installed in existing ventilation systems.
  • It removes 97.2% of all viruses and germs from indoor air.
  • It thus reduces the risk of infection in buildings to an absolute minimum!
  • It was developed by Kappa Filter Systems GmbH, the leader in aerosol research and virus filters.
  • It was tested by the accredited testing and certification institute, the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology in Vienna.
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Kappa Wavebionix® is ​​a new and innovative filter element that has a highly effective separation of viruses and aerosols. 

The high filtration effect has been confirmed by an independent, accredited Austrian test laboratory with a "Viral Filtration Efficiency" of 97.2%.

During development, we made sure that the filter elements are able to be installed in almost any ventilation system.

Therefore, it is possible to upgrade existing ventilation systems to a protective system against possible virus transmission without any modifications.

As a result, the risk of infection indoors is reduced to a minimum.

Do you own a hotel, a restaurant or a wellness facility?

...and could not receive guests for months?

Do you run a fitness studio, a cinema or a cultural facility?

…and had to close because of the pandemic?

Are you a business owner in industry or commerce?

…and want efficient and vital employees?

Do you have a commercial business?

…and know that healthy indoor air means healthy business?

Do you run an event location?

…and want to finally organise worry-free events again?

Do you maintain a public building (e.g. schools, official buildings, universities)?

…and want to make sure that your ventilation system is not a virus hotspot?

Do you run a health facility?

…and want to offer your customers a virus-free environment?


During a pandemic - in fact, always - fresh and germ-free indoor air is more important than ever!

Because: This is the only way we can be spared from further lockdowns!

Because: This is the only way to catch up on the sales that you have missed out on for months!

Because: This is the only way to keep us all healthy!


Turn your ventilation system into a protection system against viruses, bacteria and other germs!

Ensure healthy air in your indoor rooms and use this as part of your marketing!

Your commitment to virus-free indoor air has a positive impact on your reputation, and this means a positive impact on your business.

Be the difference and feel the success!

The WAVEBIONIX® is the best solution!
If there is one thing we have learned from the Coronavirus pandemic, it is how important fresh and thus healthy indoor air is.
The topic of "ventilation" or ventilation systems in buildings plays a central role.
The virus protection of the latter in particular is of utmost importance - and the Wavebionix® is the ultimate guarantee for clean and virus-free air!
It acts like a respirator for your ventilation system by removing 97.2% of all viruses from the air.
It's never been done before!


The bottom line: Without any time-consuming conversion work, the Wavebionix® instantly turns your ventilation system into a protective screen for everyone.

The WAVEBIONIX® is the best solution.

The microscope images illustrate the performance between conventional ventilation filters and the Wavebionix®.

Conventional bag filter
REM image magnified 1000 times

Kappa Wavebionix®
REM image magnified 1000 times

The Wavebionix®, an innovation "Made in Austria", makes THE difference in times of the pandemic and afterwards on whether your customers and guests feel comfortable with you and come back again regularly. And: whether your team enjoys working with you and is successful!
Position your company responsibly, innovatively and with foresight!

The Wavebionix® removes more than 97% of all viruses and bacteria from your ambient air.
This gives you and your customers, guests and employees the guarantee of an (almost) virus-free environment. If that's not a marketing argument!

The Wavebionix® fits into virtually all commercially available ventilation systems - without conversion costs or substantial investment.
Your business just continues to run - only better, because it offers healthy air for your customers, guests and your team.

The Wavebionix® is the first ventilation filter in the world to be tested and certified by the independent Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology in Vienna (OFI) using active viruses.
This gives you the proven assurance of a virus-free and healthy environment!

The Wavebionix® is the protective mask for your ventilation system!
There is no better way to protect yourself and your surroundings!

The Wavebionix® reduces the risk of indoor infection to an absolute minimum!

The Wavebionix®
is THE game changer
for your company!

You get a protective system that actively filters viruses and bacteria from your indoor air.

How reassuring.


Your rooms are protected as if with a large respirator mask. Only this is attached to the ventilation system and not in front of the mouth and nose of your guests and employees.

How convenient.


You can offer your guests, customers and employees unpolluted indoor air and thus significantly increase safety!

What a relief.


Your business runs in comfortable and soothing surroundings, and your employees remain efficient and productive.

How normal.


Your guests and customers feel comfortable, safe and relaxed and tell their friends and the internet about their experience with you.

How practical.

This gives you a clear starting benefit over the competition!
With the Wavebionix® you have a clear marketing ace in your pocket.

Your costs for this are extremely manageable, as the Wavebionix® can be installed in your existing ventilation system!
Your business just goes on. No conversion work is required, and therefore there is no downtime! You position yourself as a responsible and caring employer/hotelier/restaurant owner/operator of event locations, etc.

Need an example?

The Kappa WavebionixTM C19 filter element can be bought for as little as
3 cents / person a day.

  • Air volume 3.200 m³/h and 6-times air exchange
  • Room conditions of 2,70 m room height and 9 m² space/person
  • Annual filter exchange

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Would you like to know more?
The virus filtration efficiency of the Wavebionix® is 97.2%, which means that 97.2% of all viruses are eliminated from indoor air. In addition, the Wavebionix® removes aerosols, fine dust and bacteria from the air.

These values are confirmed by certification from the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology in Vienna.

What it took: Three test runs with active viruses and aerosols!

This means: The risk of infection in buildings (hotels, fitness studios, companies, restaurants, event locations, etc.) when using the Wavebionix® is extremely low. This is important because we know that the pandemic cannot be brought under control with hygiene, social distancing and masks. But even after the pandemic, we spend 2/3 of our lives indoors and literally "consume" 15 kg of air every day.

What could be more natural than keeping the air in buildings clean and healthy?

From our years of experience, we know that the most effective way to combat viruses, pathogens, fine dusts and aerosols in buildings and rooms is to ventilate frequently and thoroughly. This is best done with a modern ventilation system. The Wavebionix® turns existing ventilation systems into protective shields against airborne pathogens - it is the cost-sensitive "tuning" for your ventilation system and thus enormously minimises the risk of infection.


Filter tests are generally carried out in accordance with the filter test standards with so-called A2 fine dust (sand dust, dolomite dust). Ventilation filters, but also FFP2 or FFP3 protective masks are tested according to this procedure.

However, a filter test with a type of sand dust has little informative value about the filtration of microorganisms or viruses in the nano range.

Until now, there was no test method for measuring virus separation efficiency. Therefore, together with our research partners, we have developed a test procedure that makes it possible to test under real-life conditions.

In this process, viruses are applied to aerosols - just as happens in reality - and for the first time an entire filter element (not just a filter material sample) is exposed to the aerosol-virus mixture.

Finally, the viral load in the clean gas is analysed and the virus removal rate is determined from this. The test is repeated several times in order to obtain a valid result. The viruses used have a size of 28 nm (nanometre = 1 millionth of a millimetre) and are thus 5 times smaller than the coronavirus.

The test demonstrates a virus filtration efficiency of 97.2%, which is even higher for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

What others are saying about us

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into a virus protection system -
ORF reports

Editorial contribution ORF Landesstudio Upper Austria,
Upper Austria Heute, 1/20/2020

For example, the city of Leonding (test and vaccination centre),
Hypolandesbank Oberösterreich (head office Linz),
the city of Styria (city hall, test street) as well as the
Lower Austrian Chamber of Agriculture (administration building St. Pölten) are currently already using the Wavebionix®.

About us

As a visionary, Kappa started thinking about healthy indoor air as early as 2019 and developed the Wavebionix®. In 2020, the company was suddenly centre stage (keyword: Covid-19) and a trendsetter. Aerosol research and air pollution control have been part of Kappa Filter Systems' DNA since its founding in 1993. This distinguishes the supplier from many other companies currently entering the market, which offer less sophisticated products or products that have only been tested for dust.


Kappa Filter Systems GmbH is part of the family-run HAINZL/Kappa/Aquasys group of companies based in Styria-Gleink in Upper Austria. Founded in 1993, Kappa is now a leading international manufacturer of systems and lines for industrial air pollution control and energy recovery.

Production sites are located in Linz and branches in Düsseldorf and Dresden. The group has over 800 employees, 110 of whom work at Kappa. Every year, Kappa invests around 8% of its turnover in R&D. The export rate is around 75%. The turnover in 2020 was 25 million euros (group turnover 160 million euros).


Zero Emissions and Zero Waste of Energy describe the company's guiding principle: to always achieve the best air quality for customers with the greatest possible economy and efficient use of resources.


You want to learn more about Kappa. You can access the company website here:

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know more?

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Aerosols & viruses - the pandemic.

The pandemic and my ventilation system.

My ventilation system and the Wavebionix®

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